Vios Challenge

Malaysia kick-starts its motorsport activities in 2017 with the Vios Challenge. This unique One Make Race will be the highlight of the weekend-long TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) Racing Festival organized by UMW Toyota Motor.

Featuring a race series formula that promises to thrill motorsport fans like never before, the festival aims to elevate the Toyota Vios and transform its image into the sporty youthful drive that it truly is! The debut of the Vios Challenge will also serve as a platform to promote motorsport in the Southeast Asia Region!

The Vios Challenge embraces professionality, with management and regulations following the FIA rule set and enforced by the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM). The Vios Challenge cars will be factory tuned and checked by the AAM before the races. Focusing on the racers’ skills, with all the drivers using cars of the same make, the One Make Race provides an even more exhilarating race experience for both the participants and spectators!

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