Ever dreamt of competing in a race car across prestigious racetracks around the world? TOYOTA GAZOO Racing provides aspiring racers with a platform to fulfill their dreams and potentially representing TOYOTA GAZOO Racing as a flagship racer at events such as the FIA World Endurance Championship!

In Japan, racers are developed from a grassroots level, youths as young as 14-years-old with kart racing experience are eligible to participate in Formula Toyota Racing School (FTRS). Participants who perform well in Formula Toyota will then be presented with an opportunity to participate in Formula Challenge Japan (FCJ). The champion of the FCJ will in turn be given a chance to represent TOYOTA GAZOO Racing as a flagship racer and participate in events such as the All Japan F3 Championship and Super GT! Through this elaborate selection process, professional racers of all skill levels will have a shot at turning their dreams into reality!

Similarly, in countries like Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia, any grassroots are able to start their journey to becoming a professional racer through various racing schools available in the region too!

With TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s very own One Make Race happening around the region, graduates from racing schools are able to participate in the One Make Race in the different countries, providing them with a platform to race and hone their skills! Operated in separate categories, racers of all skill levels can compete against other racers of an equal skill bracket and stand a chance to get promoted to higher racing classes!

In Thailand, the prerequisite to joining TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is slightly different as all rookie racers first start off at the Vios One Make Race. Racers with potential are then scouted and promoted into the Corolla Altis One Make Race; with faster cars, the competition is more intense and the winner of the Corolla Altis One Make Race will be given an opportunity to join Toyota Team Thailand. After proving themselves through various trials with Toyota Team Thailand, racers may get a chance to participate in global racing events such as the 24hr Nürburgring Endurance Race!

Local champions from the respective countries will also get the chance to join the regional TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Team Asia to participate in races on an international level.