The Indonesia Touring Car Championship (ITCC) is part of the Indonesian Sentul Series of Motorsport (ISSOM), the biggest annual motorsport event in Indonesia! Thousands of fans and racers gather in Jakarta to join in the festivities of the multiple race events that happen over the weekend! Returning from an eight year hiatus, Toyota Team Indonesia (TTI) – supported by Toyota Astra Motor – is back with the Toyota Yaris to compete in the ITCC!

Highly respected and held in high esteem by thousands of motorsport fans in Indonesia, TTI exudes an aura on the racetrack that helps them win some of their races before it even begins.

Through events such as the ITCC, Toyota has been able to perfectly balance the compact, sporty exterior, high performance and comfortable drive of the Toyota Yaris. Optimizing all the various components, into the production car that improves the lives of everyone!

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