A racing line is the tightest line a driver can take to accomplish the best record time. Although most racing lines are thoughtfully planned, it can be said that the perfect racing line doesn’t exist, or that it still eludes plenty of top-flight drivers. However, it is arguably the most controversial topic among drivers, teams and fans alike. This is because most race events are decided by mere seconds and planning a proper race line can be crucial on the outcome of any race. A racing line is very personal, it is dependent on the driver’s racing style and techniques that might work for you, might not work for another driver. The main objective of identifying racing lines is for drivers to better optimize their vehicle and speed throughout the race. Here are the four main points to keep in mind when planning your race line.

The braking point
The moment you lift your foot off the accelerator to apply the brakes. Brake points can vary on different corners achieving different kind of race lines. Top-flight racers favor using late braking before corners to enable to accelerate out at higher speeds.

The turn-in point
The precise moment when the driver chooses to turn his steering wheel. The turn-in point is normally where oversteer or understeer happens and it’s where the necessary corrections are made.

The apex
The apex of a turn is the point where the front of the car is closest to the inside of the corner. Understanding this concept is crucial to determining both your braking and turn-in points, helping you better optimize your speed and lap times.

The exit point
The last point where a corner is completed. This is often where drivers start planning on how to tackle their next corner, or if the corner exits into a straight then this is where they floor the accelerator and speed off. Drivers should also take note of complexes (group of corners) and try to establish the best racing line.

Owing to the subjective nature of racing line, here are a couple of points to help you accomplish your best lap times. When planning a race line, make it a habit to always make mental notes of braking points to achieve the best line for yourself. Most drivers prefer taking the outside and leaning into the apex of the turn but all race lines are personal. Try to keep your line as tight as possible with the highest possible entry and exit speeds and you should be on your way to a podium finish. Fans always love corners because it’s the most exciting part of races where drivers are constantly pushed to their limits and battle for position. So work on your technique, entertain the fans and who knows you might be the next big motorsport phenomenon!