A new form of racing – One Make Race (OMR) has been making waves in and around Southeast Asia, tearing up racetracks and street-circuits. Events such as the TGR Racing Festival in Malaysia, the Vios Cup in the Philippines and Fast Fun Fest in Thailand have become the staple one make race events for building local teams and fans alike.

OMR provides a fair platform for teams and drivers to compete on as all vehicles must be prepared to an equal condition with strict and limited tuning rules. Participating teams become heavily reliant on the driver’s skill and not just modifying the cars to go faster like in other kinds of competition formats. With categories ranging from grassroots to professional levels, races get increasingly exciting as the circuits get torn up by race-tuned everyday vehicles such as the Vios, Corolla Altis and Hilux Revo.

Resulting from the lack of motorsports events in the region, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing – with Toyota distributors in each country – started organizing and hosting OMRs in the region. Using FIA standards as a benchmark, OMRs ensure the safety of all participants and this has become an attraction to local celebrity involvement in the races. Fans are given the opportunity to support and interact with their favorite local celebrities, enjoy different forms of entertainment and spend quality time with their family, offering a fun experience for people of all ages

Due to the use of street-legal cars (in the case of some countries) that participants buy for the season, it is more accessible for private teams and drivers to participate. At grassroots level, this helps to build a strong tight-knit community, allowing passionate fans and drivers who love motorsports to experience the exhilaration of race events together. All OMR cars are also checked by officials before and after the race to ensure a fair competition for all the participating teams and drivers.

With TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s continued efforts in promoting OMR in the region, it has been gaining popularity and attracting more participants into the new seasons every year. Striving to make every OMR a more exciting and entertaining experience, for all participating teams, drivers and motorsport fans.