Always looking toward nurturing a culture and love for motorsports in Asia, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has been actively discovering and developing young drivers. On 16 January, the newly-formed TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Team Asia set out to the Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand to take on their most daunting challenge yet – Thailand Super Endurance Race 600mins.

Team Asia consists of Malaysian Mark Darwin (27), Toyota Team Indonesia member Demas Agil Ramadani (25), Teravate Pukpiboon (21) from Thailand, and Daniel Miranda (20) from the Philippines. Mark, Teravate and Daniel are currently the top competitors in their respective countries One-Make Race.

Armed with the intent of honing their teamwork, driving skills and a better understanding of racing strategies, the team lived, laughed and learnt together. The training not only helped the drivers with personal growth, but also played an integral part in strengthening the bond of the entire team as they headed to the event in high spirits.

Equipped with all the training and strategic planning that was required, the team was ready for the challenge ahead. After a final revision of the strategies and tune ups, only the 10-hour long battle of skill, wits and grit was left ahead of the team.

Watch how Team Asia completed their first endurance race in the video above!