Off Road Rally

Off Road Rally

The beautiful deserts and dunes of Pakistan has seen many off-road rallies happening over the years! Several off-road rallies are organized in deserts and off-road terrains with the three most popular being the Hub Rally, Cholistan Rally, and Jhal Magsi Rally. Of these, Indus Motor Company (IMC) – the sole distributor of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan – participates in all three of them sending multiple vehicles to support the rallies.

Through their active participation, IMC also hopes to promote motorsport in Pakistan. As off-road rallies are the most popular sport amongst Pakistanis, IMC looks to establish a unique platform for motorsport in and around Pakistan, for enthusiasts to showcase their driving skills. To achieve this, IMC plans to launch their own brand rally, aimed at furthering awareness and interest in motorsport!

Being the most prominent of the three rallies, the Cholistan Jeep Rally which is sponsored by IMC also features the Toyota Fun Drive activity, allowing rally goers to experience first-hand the capabilities of Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ. The Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ is known around the world for its durability and reliability across various terrains, making it the preferred choice amongst rally participants!

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