TOYOTA Racing Schools in the region are established with the aim of building a community from grass-root level to start developing our own Champions around Asia, and TOYOTA GAZOO Racing set out to turn what many could have only dreamed of – into a reality.

By setting up schools in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing looks to boost the popularity of motorsport in the region and provide a platform for aspiring drivers to get a race license and showcase their skills at regional events.

Wondering what you’re going to learn at a racing school? In a nutshell, it equips you with the skills required to challenge any circuit racing event in the world. From understanding how race formats work and identifying race lines; to braking and steering techniques. These are all essential skill that need to be sharpened on your road to becoming a Champion driver.

If you’re determined on becoming a race champion, keep driving and practicing as much as possible. Stay behind the wheel and fine-tune your techniques to perfection before race day. Young Indonesian prodigy Alinka Hardianti has been practicing and perfecting her skills since she was a child. Even the celebrities in the region that participate in the Promotional Class of our Vios One-Make Race events take time out of their busy schedules to practice before events.

Upon obtaining your race license, you will have opportunities to participate in regional race events such as the Vios Cup in the Philippines, Fast Fun Fest in Thailand, and the Vios Challenge in Malaysia, these events serve as a platform that makes transitioning into professional racing viable as a career.

With TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s constant effort in grooming drivers and race champions, we hope to see you living the dream and racing toward the championship on racetracks soon!

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