Since it’s induction in 2015, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing brand has been a regular fixture at Toyota’s motorsport activities in many countries. From the famed 24hr Nürburgring Endurance Race, to the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and World Endurance Championship (WEC), TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has filled teams in these events as part of Toyota’s commitment to making ever-better cars.

Toyota’s participation in the esteemed FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), from Monte-Carlo to Australia, pushes the team through extreme conditions with circuits, running both on and off road, and limited resources throughout the journey, it inspires the team to forge new solutions through the extreme conditions. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is excited to announce a return to the WRC after an 18-year hiatus, with the Yaris WRC and former rival turned teammate Tommi Mäkinen at the helm as team principal.

The FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) is a global phenomenon that has risen in popularity over the past five years sees races happen across the world during its season. From Europe to North and Latin America, Asia, and even the Middle East. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has entered two hybrid prototypes, the TS050 HYBRID in the event to further the development of hybrid technology. Previous prototypes such as the TS030 HYBRID and TS040 HYBRID providing the technology that is now used in the Prius production models. Follow TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s WEC journey, to get a glimpse into the future of racing and on-road production car technologies!

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has also expanded its presence in Southeast Asia, a region with a budding yet promising motorsport community. Participating in all kinds of races across the region, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing aims to create a tight-knit community of motorsport enthusiasts who share a passion for racing.

Aside from chasing accomplishments, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is also constantly scouting for young budding talents. Grooming drivers, engineers and mechanics alike, with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing teams comprising of both veterans and young talents, allowing a dynamic relationship to learn and hone their skills together as a team.